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Get Your FREE No-Plastic Straw Cleaner For Your Bamboo Straw

We are so excited to have launched a new straw cleaner that is 100% PLASTIC FREE!

no plastic straw brush

With our magical straw cleaner, you'll be able to:

1) CLEAN YOUR BAMBOO STRAW SUPER EASILY: Just pop the brush down the straw, and wash with water. 
2) TAKE IT EVERYWHERE YOU GO: It's small & portable so you can easily fit it in your carry case and always keep your straw clean, on the go.
3) GO PLASTIC FREE: Most straw cleaners have bristles made out of plastic. However., ours are made from the disused part of the coconut - making it the ultimate reusable straw cleaner.

To get your plastic-free straw cleaner, just fill in the short form here.

Then keep an eye on your emails as we'll confirm the details there!