Bare Vida

Our Mission

Hi I'm Harriet.

I set up Bare Vida when I learnt to surf in Bali, at the beginning of 2018, and I fell head-over-heels in LOVE with the ocean.

Being out at sea, watching the waves, and feeling the energy of the moon - this was my form of meditation, my medicine.
I experienced first-hand our horrendous problem of plastic pollution. Wading through plastic bags, bottles and straws made the whole experience bittersweet.
Thats why I wanted to find some easy things that we can do to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in our sea.


Being in Bali, I also had access to all the amazing natural resources - like bamboo, sustainably-sourced cotton, and more. Bamboo grows so fast (without any chemicals too!) so it's a GREAT, strong alternative to plastic.


Then I found an incredible team who sustainably source bamboo near Ubud, and could handcraft bamboo utensils one-by-one.


And voila - Bare Vida was born!

I wanted to provide a replacement to the plastic cutlery that is SO often given out in cafes. Being from London, I've seen way too many plastic utensils given out in the city. 


So, we want to make it easy for you to go eco-friendly & zero-waste wherever you are. 

We ship globally, plastic-free, and we'll also share tips to help you go zero-waste along the way.

At Bare Vida, we are all about celebrating our natural world. The simple life. So we can create a better world for the next generations.  

Every choice we make has an impact on our environment. We can’t change the world overnight – but the small changes we make will make a difference. 

All our products are created with passion and purpose.

We focus on the environment and responsible practices. We work with local workers and local businesses, practising fair trade and implementing a zero-waste policy.

We use as many recycled materials as possible – from hotels, and left over garments. Anything we can do to reduce garment waste and minimise our impact to our environment.

It is our promise to you that everything we produce is with the utmost respect to our environment.

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